It’s been a while

Ok, so I haven’t gotten very far with my book… Robert wants me to stop outlining and just write it out.  I got four pages done and now I’m stuck… AGAIN!!

I don’t know why I’ve had such bad writer’s block!  I wish I had more time to sit down and just write… I look back on a lot of my older things that I wrote and I LOVE them!  I used to be awesome!  Now… I think I’ve lost my touch.

So my plan is to re-read some of my older stories and see if that will get my brain out of this fog.  Here’s to happy writing!


Chapter 4 Outlined in record time!

So after a long absence (again), I sat down last night and hammered out an outline for Chapter 4. 

In Chapter 4 we find Edward and Nikki in the car together, on their way to “stop the bad guys”.  Along the way, Edward explains Mylasa (the agency’s name) and what they do.  It turns out that I put in a lot more detail about the agency than I thought I would.  I’m very happy that I was able to sort out some of the flaws that I had found in my story and that it won’t seem so awkward when I start to actually write the story itself.

At the end of Chapter 4, Nikki is left to deal with the bad guy by herself since Edward went off in search of where the bombs were located.  As she’s getting him into the vehicle, an explosion is heard coming from the area that she and the bad guy had just come from.  The Chapter ends on another cliff hanger since Edward was still inside and the terrorist threat seems to not have been eradicated like the reader thought.

My plan for Chapter 5 will be to resolve the cliff hanger (duh) and then dive deeper into Mylasa by bringing Nikki to headquarters.  I also want to see if I can find a way to get some conflict between Edward and Nikki.  After all, they can’t start falling in love just yet.  🙂

Chapter 3… Wow!!!

Well I finally got Chapter 3 outlined!  And wow oh wow, my brain is finally getting into this story!

I found a way to manipulate my characters.  At first the guy that is attacking the restaurant is random, then my brain connected everything together to get Edward more involved with the attack.  It also involves Nikki since she knew the guy in the first place.

In the last chapter, an employee of the dealership that Nikki works at attacks the restaurant she and Edward met at for lunch.  He’s looking for money, but for a much different reason than Nikki thinks.  She does notice that the reason he told her he’s stealing money from the restaurant doesn’t make sense.  When Edward tells her the real reason, she doesn’t believe him at first, until it all makes sense in her head.  Now she’s involved in this as much as he is… thus leading to her knowing everything down the road and joining his agency!  Yes, I think I finally got past the problem with me writing beginnings!!!!!  *hears Hallelujah chorus singing in background*

Here’s to getting another chapter outlined, another step closer to getting my book written and published!

Chapter 2 Outline Complete w/ Changes

Well, Chapter 2 is gonna end with a cliff hanger…

Basically, Chapter 2 is going to start off with Nikki and Edward meeting again after the night before.  He’s from out of state so he wants to see her again before he leaves to go back to where he’s from.

Then a co-worker of Nikki’s is going to start something up at the restaurant Nikki and Edward are dining at, ending the chapter with a gun pointed at Nikki’s head.  I won’t go into detail much just for the sake of trying to keep some facts of the story to myself.

One thing I changed: I remember that when I was first creating this story in my head, the agency wasn’t for protecting celebrities.  It was a government agency that protected the United States from terrorists all over the world.  They respond to terrorist threats that even the media and President of the USA don’t know about.  Then you must be asking, why did 9/11 happen then?  Don’t worry, when I get to that part (because I know Nikki is going to ask) I’ll explain that plus other incidents that made national headlines and blah blah blah…

I have a goal set for me to have seven chapters outlined by next week Wednesday… here’s to me actually hoping to get that done!

Outline Beginnings

Yesterday, I began writing the outline for my book, which I realized has yet to be titled… hmmm…

The day before, I started figuring out where the book was going to be set.  I chose Nashville, Tennessee as the place to put the agency because I love the city.  So I thought, why not?  True, I need to do some research on the city, but it’ll be worth it.  I made up a town where Nikki lives at the start of the story.  It’s name: Glacier Hills, Wisconsin.  The city is about the size of Lomira (where I grew up), except smaller and more family business oriented because it’s not right off of a freeway.  It’s located approximately 2 hours south-west of Green Bay, yet only 45 minutes from Appleton.

In the outline I described a regular day in Nikki’s work schedule.  She works for the tiny car dealership in Glacier Hills as a receptionist/office administrator.  I also not only described her apartment, I drew it out!  I don’t draw very well, but I really like how her apartment turned out.  She also has a cat named Gemini, which isn’t completely relevant with the story, but I wanted her to have some kind of pet.

I introduced Edward into the story earlier than I thought!  My characters actually meet in a club in Appleton, get drunk together, start making out, but Nikki stops him from going further.  She finally gives him her phone number and her name.  I know, it sounds lame and very cliche, but once I write it out, I think it won’t sound so… blah.

My intention for the next chapter is based off of a dream I had last night.  Since Nikki only works on weekdays and I chose to start off the story on a Friday, it’s Saturday when chapter 2 starts.  Nikki will wake up with a hang over, not remembering much from the night before.  How does she wake up?  Edward didn’t call her… he had used the agency to find her apartment and came knocking to spend Saturday with her.

I plan on writing the outline for chapter 2 either tonight or tomorrow.  I’m starting a new job today, so I’ll have to see what my free time looks like after today.

Until next time, Happy Writing!

Starting out

My name is Jaclyn Loduha and I’m a writer… or so I want to be…

I haven’t written much in the past two years.  When I was in high school and college, I wrote all the time.  I was writing fan fiction for InuYasha and Fullmetal Alchemist, inserting my own characters and scenarios.  I still want to finish those some day, but recently my boyfriend encouraged me to start up my own book that I’ve been wanting to write.  This is a big leap for me since I haven’t written an actual novel based on my own characters and setting.  So, here’s what I’ve got so far as the story line goes:

Nikki LaFleur is a bright young girl and she ends up joining this agency called Mylasa with Edward Kral.  This agency is kind of like the President’s body guards, however these agents protect celebrities that request extra protection.  They also work for drug dealers, terrorists, and murderers that hire them, no questions asked.  Edward and Nikki soon fall in love, which is forbidden between agents.  Edward is seen as the liability of the agency and is “disposed of”.  Nikki thinks he has been murdered by a former employer of the agents, but discovers that the agency was responisble for his disappearance when he comes back.  It’s a fight between the entire agency to bring it back to it’s “glory days” (so to speak) of when they only protected celebrities and the rules weren’t quite so strict.

That’s kind of the story in a nutshell.  I’m excited yet nervous about writing it.  If I can finish this, it’s proving to myself that I can do this.  However, if I can’t, I’ll know that I failed.  And failure is not an option for me…

Today I went and looked at the names of all the agents.  The agents will have Greek letters as agent names along with their regular names of course.  I went through all of them and gave them character and “faces”.  Mostly I just gave them fighting techniques (ie swords master, hand to hand combat, gunsman, etc), an age, hair color, and whose side they’ll be fighting on when the epic battle at the end happens.  ^_^

After not doing this for so long, I decided to leave it at that and continue tomorrow.  I’m going to work on the skeleton of my story until I feel comfortable to write in actual sentences again… you know, adding the meat to the bones.

So, here’s to starting out on my first novel!